I will never regret

Sep 7

I have everything in my life because I was unwilling to quit. I feel like in our increasingly sissified society, where everyone gets a participation trophy for showing up, we’ve become a bit soft on losing. You are supposed to lose sometimes.

You are supposed to be a sobbing mess, scream to the sky and wish you were never born. Feel that sting- the unmistakable pain of your own spirit repeatedly shanking you in the kidneys with a dagger of self doubt.

Now jump forward from that image as hard as you can into the future. You’ve lived life, you took the chance and if nothing else you got some life experience from it. Take that knowledge, it counts as the one thing you learned today. Build off of it—that takes a special kind of courage.

- Jason Mayhem Miller (via fuckyeahmayhemmiller)

chasing life - finding chemo (1.10)
“You never stopped thinking about your future. You refused to accept that you wouldn’t have one, because you know you’re supposed to live. You still know that, there’s just this poison inside of you that’s trying to make you forget, but don’t let it.”

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No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.


Robin Williams (via paulheymans)

Rest in Peace Robin Williams!

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Aug 6

if you’re not going to have the operation, then this is it.
i  c a n ’ t  s e e  y o u  a g a i n .
[..] i’m about to go fight for my life, and i can’t be around someone who has a chance to do that and won’t even try.


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Cappie’s speech from Greek’s serial finale

Perfect sum up for Greek

I few years ago, when ABC Family aired “Greek” I used to watched it, but somehow I lost the line in the middle of the 2 season. A few weeks ago, Greek came to my mind, and I started to watch again and unfortunately yesterday I finished the 4 season, too. It’s sad that they got “just” 4 seasons but at least we got the PERFECT finale.
I really love this show, and I am sure I will rewatch it a few times because the characters are so loveable with all of their mistakes but if I have to choose, my all time favourites are Cappie and Rusty.
But back to the finale it was AMAZING. I laughed a lot and from the middle of the episode when Cappie and Rusty spoke in the empty, dark KT house, I cried a lot. It was so heartbreaking scene because somehow Kappa Tau house was the heart of Greek. And after that Cappie’s speech in his exam about “Why are we here?” was so emotional, touching and briliant and it’s perfectly sum up the whole series.
We can’t forget Rusty and Cassey’s last private talk when they realized how much they learnt from each other and how much they look up to each other.
And of course the farewell scene…. I couldn’t watch it without tears and “Forever young” was a great choice for the background music (I have to admit I always cry from this song).

I have to say, Greek is truly became one of my absolute favorite serial and I think we needs more serials like this because we can learn important lessons about brotherhood/sisterhood, friendships, love relationships and to appreciate every moment in your life.

Nope, thank YOU. Thanks for all the help and support through the years. Health and happiness above all. Don’t ever take any shit from anybody.

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